‘If you touch my wife or child, I will kill you’


OPPOSITION MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora has revealed why he threatened to shoot and kill a former party employee, an act which landed him in court last February.

The matter, which was eventually dismissed in court, was based on MDC employee Mutandwa Machera’s claim to a US$9,600 outstanding wage.

Machera, according to Mwonzora, had threatened to abduct his wife and daughter over the altercation.

Mwonzora was speaking to journalists during one of a number of meetings meant to prepare the media and political parties ahead of elections in August.

“I was accused of trying to shoot someone, this person threatened to come to my house, threatened to abduct my wife and daughter and I said if you dare touch them, I will kill you,” said Mwonzora.

“What man would not say that; if you touch my wife or child, I will kill you. This story about how this altercation came about was never sought.

“People did not know the real story. Of course, he took it literally that I was going to kill him. He had organised a group to come and demonstrate at my house over a wage dispute with the MDC.

“They planned to pitch up tents outside my house and they would do press conferences and falsified police reports giving them approval for all this.

“The police had told them that they could not do so.

“They tried to march and pitch a tent at my house and I took corrective action, I deployed security at my house. I am the President of the MDC they would not let their President’s house be attacked. I am the last line of defence, so the MDC deployed security to protect its President.”

Mwonzora was taken to court where he was set free as there was not enough evidence to sustain a case against him.

— NewZimbabwe

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