HIV positive woman seeks justice: You won’t believe the sick things her lodger said and did


A Harare woman has been granted a protection order against her cruel tenant who has been emotionally abusing her and exposing her HIV status.

The landlady told a court how the female tenant constantly provoked and insulted her for being HIV positive. She said the harassment has disturbed her psychological wellbeing.

“My tenant finds ways to provoke me and insult me that I survive on HIV medication,” the visibly distressed woman revealed.

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She said the tenant had publicized her HIV status to neighbours, leaving her embarrassed to go out.

“She walks around telling people my urine stinks as bad as illicit drinks and that my genitɑls have gɑngrene because I have HIV,” the landlady told the court.

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The tenant denied the allegations, accusing her landlady of fabricating the charge to evict her.

But presiding magistrate Sharon Mashavira ruled in the landlady’s favour, granting a protection order. The magistrate ordered the tenant to stop insulting and spreading her landlady’s HIV status.

The cruel taunts and vile exposure of the landlady’s condition show a sh0cking level of inhumanity. The protection order offers some justice for the emotional abuse and humiliation the HIV+ woman has suffered. Hopefully this cruel tenant will now think twice before intimidating a vulnerable person struggling with a chronic condition.

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