ED Mnangagwa set for heavy defeat: Ex top Zanu PF member reveals sh0cking details


Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was grooming his close ally Saviour Kasukuwere to take over as the country’s leader, according to ex-Zanu PF member William ‘Acie Lumumba’ Mutumanje.

Speaking in an explosive interview with SABC News, Lumumba claimed that Kasukuwere was being summoned by disgruntled ruling party members who are agitating to see President Emmerson Mnangagwa deposed from the helm.

“Kasukuwere has been preparing for the presidency for most of his life under Zanu PF. It’s not a question of when did he decide, it’s a question of when did the people decide that they want him to become the president,” Lumumba said.

He added that Kasukuwere was being called to salvage Zanu PF’s legacy which he said is in tatters. “He has never put himself up for a position. He has always been forwarded by people and in this instance he was forwarded by the people who were not happy that Mugabe’s legacy is in tatters, who are not happy that Zanu PF legacy is in tatters. Zanu PF is forwarding Kasukuwere to run for president.”

Kasukuwere is set to contest for the presidency on August 23 as an independent candidate after leaving Zanu PF. Lumumba laid into Mnangagwa, saying he was set for a heavy defeat particularly from members within his own party.

“I don’t know one person and I live in Zimbabwe who is voting for Mnangagwa this election. The young people are not voting for Mnangagwa, the women are not voting for Mnangagwa, the main wing is not voting for Mnangagwa they are alienated. Everybody in Zanu PF is looking for a fresh start. A fresh start is an opportunity to reset an opportunity to rebuild the dream Zanu PF promised but was broken.”

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