EXPOSED: How Passion Java’s prophecy on ZAOGA founder Ezekiel Guti’s death backfired spectacularly

Prophet Panganai Passion Java

Prophet Passion Java is the butt of jokes on social media after his supposed “prophecy” of ZAOGA founder Ezekiel Guti’s death was exposed as a stunt by netizens.

Java had claimed just two months ago on Guti’s 100th birthday that the respected bishop was “about to die”.

However, following news of Guti’s passing at the ripe old age of 100, outraged citizens slammed Java’s “prediction” as merely stating the obvious given the pastor’s advanced years.

Netizens argued that it doesn’t take a prophet to foresee that anyone in their hundreds will eventually pass away – dismissing Java’s alleged prophecy as an “inevitability” and non-event.

Critics pointed out that Java’s failure to specify details or timing mean it lacked the awe and spiritual insight of true prophecies, opining that anyone could have made a similar prediction.

The prevailing sentiment online is that Java’s statement of the obvious was far from a divine revelation but more a propaganda ploy to gain attention.

As amusing memes and mockery spread, Java’s ‘prophecy’ about Guti’s death has instead become a laughing stock – exposing the hollowness at the heart of his supposed spiritual gift.

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