Dr Stop It: “To such nonsense, I say to Generari, stop it!!!”


My Dear People

AFTER all the brouhaha around baseless conspiracy theories by Ngwena’s dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion, the two Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activists Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri were acquitted on charges of communicating falsehoods.

This was after they were abducted and tortured in 2020 before a scandalous cover-up in which they were arrested and accused of faking their abduction and torture.

The judgment by High Court judge Justice Priscilla Mungati-Manongwa gave an apt assessment of the shambolic case by the Lacoste regime laced with its characteristic victimisation and malice.

“The applicants cannot be pushed into a defence case to supplement the inadequacies of the state case and hope that in the process they incriminate themselves.

“To adopt such an approach would be unconstitutional and against the principles that place the burden on the state to prove its case and this case on a prima facie basis at the close of the state case,” Mungati-Manongwa said in her hard-hitting judgment.

Her ruling put paid to the shameful ludicrous allegations made by the likes of the nurse- turned-spokesman for the Ngwena regime, Nick, whose allegations against the two would make renowned fiction writers worldwide green with envy.

Writing on Twitter in June 2020, Nick, who now resembles more of the Lacoste regime court jester than its spokesman, wrote that they will release ‘irrefutable evidence’ to show that they were not abducted.

Three years later and to no one’s surprise no such evidence has been forthcoming.

In keeping with the tomfoolery that has become second nature to him, Nick preposterously claimed an acquittal did not mean one was innocent, but only meant that the prosecution failed to meet the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

But what happened to the irrefutable evidence you had Nicky? Unopenga!!!

In what is a demonstration of the pettiness and vindictiveness of the so-called second repubric, the National Prosecuting Authority has scurried to reveal that it will appeal the ruling that exposed the embarrassing shallowness of the case by the Lacoste regime.

This injustice against Mamombe and Chimbiri, which is symptomatic of the blatant abuse of power by the Lacoste rabble, illustrates why I always stress that the coup in 2017 will forever remain a dark stain on the country’s history.

The Generari was on the campaign trail in the capital city in the suburb of Mbare as he canvassed for another five years of the same incompetent leadership that has entrenched poverty among the citizens.

In a show of just how contemptuous he is of the electorate in the area, Generari regurgitated the promises he made in the run-up to the 2018 elections of a major refurbishment of the suburb which his party dismally failed to fulfil during the five-year term.

He promised then to put in place swimming pools but since then the only thing that has been ‘swimming’ in the suburb is raw sewage.

“I came here in 2018 and talked about Matapi and Shawasha flats saying that places like these together with Sakubva (Mutare), Mkoba (Gweru) and Makokoba (Bulawayo) , need to be fixed,’’ he said

“Plans came in for construction and Citizens Coalition of Change (CCC) denied the offer saying that ‘If you build those structures, you will take away our votes’.

This was hogwash in the extreme.

Since when has Generari and company failed to do anything to avoid the loss of votes for the opposition which they have tried to decimate through taking away funding and its headquarters and setting up a party of puppets that owe its existence to hanging on Ngwena’s coattails?

I am not surprised that the regime’s mandarins had to force residents of the area to attend given the amount of drivel spewed at this rally.

To such nonsense, I say to Generari, Stop it!!!

Generari was not in the company of one in spouting nonsense in this silly season of election campaigns.

The treacherous turncoat and Zanu Pf secretary of administration, Obert, who will be forever remembered as pledging loyalty to Gushungo saying that he was his “Obedient son” and then was in the forefront of the drive to kick the best leader this country will ever have out of the party, could not be left out in the uttering of ghastly tripe.

Speaking at a rally by Ngwena in Bulilima, Obert made the bizarre observation that the country does not need any opposition parties in a clear expose of his fear of democracy that runs through this dispensation that is devoid of ideas to take the country forward as evidenced by the catastrophic economic mess the country is in.

The Tourism minister Mangaliso went even further in a bout of getting carried away while bootlicking the octogenarian leader at the rally calling CCC party members “cockroaches”.

This was the same language that was used during the genocide in the mid 1980s in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces known as gukurahundi that resulted in the loss of more than 20 000 lives.

Such outbursts by this immature and excitable minister, whose province was also affected by the genocide proves indeed how the party is now rudderless shorn of Gushungo’s telescopic foresight and wisdom.

Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

— The Standard

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