SH0CKER: Tapiwa Makore’s missing head – Evil sangoma was part of all the court proceedings?


RITUAL killers, Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore Sr might have been handed the death penalty, but they have remained silent on where Tapiwa Jr’s head is.

In handing down capital punishment, High Court judge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi noted that the duo was remorseless.

“Both Shamba and Makore Sr were merciless in murdering the boy and even went on a beer drinking spree after committing the murder.

“They have not allowed the boy’s parents to find closure.

“In their decayed brains, they saw it fit to be enriched by killing an innocent boy,” ruled the judge.

A close family source claimed that the two might have been silenced by the sangoma.

“What could be the case here is that these men might have subscribed to not exposing the sangoma for the risk of losing their children or loved ones.

“It’s part of the ritual and if they expose him, that’s usually the ultimate price,” said the source.

The source also claimed the sangoma might have been part of all the court proceedings.

“This is painful for all of us and to think that the same sangoma might have been in the same court room with all of us is sickening.

“We were told and believe the sangoma was part of the process all this while,” said the source.

After the sentence was pronounced, Makore Sr’s wife stormed out of the courtroom in tears with her children.

She claimed she was breathless and her son whisked her outside court.

Shamba, a father of three, had no one sympathising with him.

The family is demanding that the two reveal the whereabouts of Tapiwa Jr’s head and expose the sangoma.

— HMetro

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