Whenever he got drunk he would soil himself and cover it with a blanket: Drama at thief’s house


Footprints Betray Thief in Beershop Bungle

A track of footprints led villagers to catch a 23-year-old thief red-handed after he broke into a neighbour’s home and made off with a fridge, blankets and clothes.

Ephraim Moyo from Mahlabathini Village seemed the perfect criminal – the owner was away, the loot was just sitting there. But Ephraim messed up big time, leaving a trail of footprints that exposed his crime.

When fridge and TV owner Ndlovu returned home and found his things missing, locals sprang into action. They followed the footprints straight to Ephraim’s doorstep.

Furious villagers confronted Ephraim at his favourite haunt – Chikoti beershop near Jwayelani Shops. Busted, Ephraim pleaded with the mob to stop beating him, promising to return the stolen goods.

Back at his home, Ephraim opened a room packed with Ndlovu’s fridge, blankets and clothes. But the biggest surprise was yet to come – villagers discovered the soiled blankets Ephraim used after soiling himself while drunk!

Villager Nkosinomusa Ndebele said “As young as he was, we found so many filthy blankets, it seems whenever he got drunk he would soil himself and cover it with another blanket.”

With footprints selling out his crime and a room full of evidence, Ephraim’s crime spree came to an embarrassing and smelly end.

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