Man caught carrying ‘goblin’ in broad daylight? What happened next will leave you speechless

The man and his cat (right)

AN unidentified Kadoma man has caused a social media stir after a self-styled prophet publicly told him that the cat which he was carrying feeds on human blood.

In a widely circulating video, the man was in the company of a woman when the prophet “prophesied” that he had killed a child for ritual riches.

The prophet told him that he had killed their child to boost his mining business.

He further said the cat the man was carrying was actually a goblin.

“The animal you are holding is no cat, you have used rituals to boost your mining.

“Imi ambuya, mushonga wakabatwa nababa avo unopedza vana venyu vese.

“There is a child who died and that cat is the child. He loves money more than children. You went to Binga and all the children will die and soon,” said the prophet.

“This man is difficult; they went to a sangoma with his young brother and the young brother’s child is already dead.

“You are killing children because you want to boost your businesses.

“This cat produces blood in your mine, and once it splashes blood in the mine, you will have money.

“Go and return that cat. I am not at war with you, but you don’t need to kill,” warned the prophet.

The man responded in a low voice much to the surprise of onlookers.

“No hurombwa haukoshe kukunda vana. Life was now difficult for me and I wanted money. I went to Binga and I want those GD6 vehicles, haa mandifumura apa,” the man said.

The incident has sparked outrage among social media users, with many calling for the man to be arrested and punished for his heinous actions if true.

Some social media users have also called on the Government to do more to prevent such rituals from taking place and to protect vulnerable children from being targeted.

They said the use of rituals had increasingly seen the killing of innocent children and want this disturbing trend to be addressed.

— HMetro

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