Dr Stop It reveals why Ngwena doesn’t want Saviour Kasukuwere to stand against him in elections


The decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the disqualification of Tyson from the presidential election race did not come as a surprise.

Zimbabwe’s justice delivery system has been corrupted by the Lacoste power mongers so much that expecting any judgment threatening their power would be delusional.

This is the same judiciary that ruled that the coup against Gushungo by the Generari and his acolytes was constitutional!

However, the ruling against Tyson has confirmed that Ngwena does not want Gushungo’s commissar to stand against him in the August 23 elections because he will embarrass him.

Ngwena knows that G40 is alive and he is very scared.

As the elections draw close, there has been a marked increase in the hogwash spewed by the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion.

In a meeting with observers of the upcoming elections the Home Affairs permanent secretary Gerald Gwinji claimed that Zanu PF had had more of its rallies barred by the police than that of the opposition, Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC). Munopenga!!!

One would have to be living under a rock to believe such balderdash.

We all know that Ngwena’s shallow slogan is that no one must be left behind, but to even take this slogan in not wanting to be seen ‘left behind’ by the opposition in the number of rallies barred by the police is taking it a tad too far.

A letter barring a Zanu PF rally from the Zimbabwe Republic Police, if it at all exists, is as rare as hen’s teeth.

If anything the police have acted as Zanu PF commissars in enforcing bans for CCC rallies usually over embarrassingly frivolous reasons.

I am sure the observers who attended the meeting had to stifle the urge to laugh out loud at such preposterous claims by Gwinji.

It is such nonsensical utterances that discredit the Lacoste regime and makes it a laughing stock over and above its shambolic record of governance.

Gwinji was not the only one living in lala land with the state broadcaster also making claims that are in the realms of fantasy.

The Lacoste regime mouthpiece, the Dead BC, claims it is giving adequate and impartial coverage to the various political parties that will slug it out in the harmonised elections next month as per its constitutional mandate.

After watching or listening to the broadcaster, one does not need to be a learned doctor like myself to dismiss the claims for the puerile nonsense that it is.

The nɑked bias by DeadBC sticks out like a sore thumb as evidenced by the reportage on CCC rallies in comparison to Zanu PF rallies which are not only covered favourably, but are also beamed live.

One Dead BC journalist reported on a rally by CCC leader Nero pointing out more on what he thinks the youthful leader should have said in his speech than on what he actually said.

Some of the broadcaster’s journos have even attempted to contest for elections on a Zanu PF ticket, going back to work as usual once they failed to win the party’s primary elections.

With such unprofessional conduct, which is a violation of its constitutional mandate, it is not surprising that CCC has spurned the opportunity to engage with it.

Such has been the disgraceful bias that even the High Court ruled in 2019 that the Dead BC violated section 61 of the constitution by not being impartial, independent or giving fair opportunity for dissenting views.

Since the ruling, the bias has only worsened rendering its claims of being impartial and fair, farcical.

The High Court ruling that has barred 12 CCC aspiring parliamentarians from contesting parliamentary seats in the city of Bulawayo has exposed the disorganisation within the opposition party.

There is no excuse for the party’s representatives in next months’ election to have shown up so late in the day and so close to the deadline with their papers not in order unlike their fellow party aspirants countrywide who managed to file their nomination papers well before the 4pm deadline.

We can talk all day about the weaponisation of the law by Ngwena and his coup cabal and its fear of electoral contests, but the cold hard truth at the end of the day is that it is the clumsiness of these individuals that has rendered them hostage to fortune and has made it vulnerable to the machinations of the Lacoste regime. It is because of this that the likes of the nutty professor and Finance minister Mthuli, who has largely contributed to turning the country into an economic backwater, have been given a free press and will be a member of parliament if the CCC appeal fails.

Zanu PF loudspeaker Chris has said that the country’s economy is on the up as evidenced by the number of cars on the country’s roads, a claim which is indicative of the poverty of thought at Shake Shake building since the callous removal of Gushungo one of the best leaders the African continent has ever been blessed with.

It seems beyond the scope of the party’s motormouth that poverty in the country is deeply entrenched with even blended inflation, a mix of Zimbabwe and United States dollar prices, shooting up to more than 100% which is the highest on the African continent and among the highest globally and not forgetting the high levels of unemployment.

With such ignorance exhibited by senior members of the Ngwena cabal, it is little wonder the country is in such a mess.



Stop It

Dr Amai (PHD) Fake

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