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Unity is strength, division is weakness!

Desmond Tutu once said before the late former South African president Nelson Mandela was arrested in 1962, he was an angry, relatively young man.

He said Mandela went on to form the ANC’s military wing but when he was released, he surprised everyone because he was talking about reconciliation and forgiveness and not about revenge.

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The same spirit of reconciliation and unity is always manifesting under the Second Republic being spearheaded by President Mnangagwa.

Despite President Mnangagwa surviving countless attempts on his life by suspected political opponents including poisoning in Gwanda on August 12, 2017, he has let bygones be bygones while preaching peace, love and unity.

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The reconciliation spirit was on display last Sunday as former Vice President, Phelekezela Mphoko, made a surprise public appearance when he attended the Zanu PF Presidential Star Rally held at Nkayi Business Centre.

Clad in casual safari wear, Cde Mphoko chanted Zanu PF slogans throughout the entire event canvassing support for President Mnangagwa and the ruling party candidates.

President Mnangagwa acknowledged Cde Mphoko’s presence, saying he was grateful to him for gracing the event.

“Former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko is here. Undoda lo sakhula sonke siyazana sasisenza izinto ezinengi kodwa angisoze ngazikhuluma. Ngiyabonga ukuthi namhla ubuye ngapha to support me. (We grew up together with this gentleman and we did many things together, which I will not talk about. I am grateful that today he came here to support me),” he said.

Despite Cde Mphoko having been among members of the G40 group who were expelled from Zanu PF for engaging in activities meant to de-stabilise Government in November 2017, the Second Republic is burying the hatchet.

The ruling party had also recalled him from the position of Vice President and Second Secretary over allegations of being divisive, a member of the G40 cabal, protecting criminals, preaching hate speech, and behaving in a manner inconsistent with the office and decorum of the VP.

The former Vice President was recalled on the day the party also recalled the late former President Mugabe from the position of party First Secretary and replaced him with President Mnangagwa whom the ruling party also reinstated as a Central Committee member.

Ever since he left the ruling party, Cde Mphoko has not been seen in public events and at the star rally it was his first time to appear at a Zanu PF event.

Under the leadership of President Mnangagwa, Zanu PF is reconciling with the past, respecting and honouring the legacy of the party’s founding fathers in the spirit of unity and harmony.

Zanu PF is uniting with all.

During the country’s 43rd Independence celebrations at Mt Darwin High School former Vice President Dr Joyce Mujuru was also part of the crowd.

Indeed, cementing that the revolutionary party always connects with its own.

Another clear sign of Zanu PF reconciling with the past has also manifested in the strong bond between Emmerson (Jnr) and Robert Mugabe (Jnr), two sons of the country’s liberation icons.

During another star rally in Bulilima district, Matabeleland South, President Mnangagwa said his administration would continue respecting the past.

“We continue to respect the past. Robert Mugabe (Jnr) and ED Junior are showing that we are keeping intact. People think that we are not united. We are totally, totally united. We shall move together. This is the spirit, even when we are gone,” he said.

“Those who come after us must respect the leaders of the revolution.”

President Mnangagwa called on the nation to never forget where it came from and the heritage that was fought for; the right to be its own rulers.

“You have the burden of carrying forward the vision of our founding fathers, the vision of unity, love and harmony among us. There is no Manyika, there is no muKorekore, there is no Ndebele; all of us are Zimbabweans,” he said.

It is in the spirit of reconciliation and unity that Zanu PF always rejuvenates itself in the process of remaining the people’s party.

President Mnangagwa is also making peace with the past, through correcting historical omissions by bestowing honour to deserving national heroes that had been previously overlooked like Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, Cde James Chikerema among others.

Even Government critic Hopewell Chin’ono has been charmed by the ruling party’s spirit of reconciliation and unity.

Commenting after Cde Mphoko public appearance at the Zanu PF star rally in Nkayi, Chin’ono said this was classic politics for all students of politics to reflect on.

“President Mnangagwa has used the election to fire up the Zanu PF base and create a semblance of reconciliation and unity at the top of his party.

“Nelson Chamisa did the opposite, he used the election to purge all the people he doesn’t like in the name of a new candidate process,” he tweeted.

Chin’ono also credited Zanu PF for its work ethic saying where President Mnangagwa is campaigning with his presidium, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa is campaigning on his own without his vice presidents.

He said this will leave Chamisa open to being left alone at the top if things go wrong on August 23 as others will not take responsibility for failure which they were not part of except photo opportunities at a rally.

“President Mnangagwa is sending his deputies to address rallies across the country, he does it for expediency, but that is good politics if you want to win than merely parade them for photo opportunities,” said Chin’ono.

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