Opposition leader vows to ban cross-border transporters and money changers if elected president!


Engineer Peter Wilson, the opposition Democratic Official Party (DOP) leader, has promised to ban cross-border transporters, also known as ‘omalayitsha,’ and illegal money changers if he wins the majority vote in the upcoming harmonized elections.

During an interview with Chronicle, Wilson claimed that these groups are responsible for many illegal activities that hinder the country’s development. He also pledged to create policies that would see all vehicle owners paying US$100 yearly for check-ups, addressing road carnage and creating employment.

Wilson said that his party is the most visible on the ground, warning that other contestants would be surprised when he wins on August 23. He dismissed claims that his party is a mere bridesmaid in the forthcoming elections, saying he has what it takes to lead Zimbabwe.

“We are giving proper and larger plans to bring the country to a level where people start working, generate employment, and resuscitate the industries,” he said.

Wilson promised to create a conducive environment for people to make money and foster development, saying that the influence of cross-border transporters and illegal money changers was not good for the economy.

“They are introducing many unlawful things like human trafficking for money. Goods are stolen from South Africa and dumped in the market because at the border they do not look at that. We must get a new way of getting things moving,” said the aspiring presidential candidate.

Wilson also said that under his government, proactive policies would be crafted to stop people from migrating to other countries to look for employment, adding that his party’s main thrust was to take the country to another level of development.

“My government will allow every Zimbabwean to able to get a loan to do projects for themselves. We will make it our duty to give people opportunities to be able to pick themselves up,” he said.

The DOP leader said he was campaigning throughout the country and would be launching his star rallies in the coming weeks to lure more voters.

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