Grisly Discovery: Latest on used coffin which was found in a locked room at Girls High School


SOME parents say their children are traumatised after a used coffin was found in a locked room at Girls High School in Harare.

They are now calling for an emergency meeting.

Officials had to break down the door to access the room and some parents suspect there are some ritual activities going on at the school.

They have demanded a thorough investigation into the case, which has left a number of students shaken.

Others are blaming the school’s old leadership.

A parent told H-Metro: “This is not normal, how can a coffin be locked in a room?

“This is a school and not a funeral parlour.

“There must be some sort of spiritualism taking place at the school.

“I don’t see the problem with the current headmistress because she is new and came when these things were already there.

“Vari kubatwawo mu crossfire. Mai ava havana kana six months vari paGirls High.

“There is need for a staff overhaul so that she can bring in new things instead of being bogged down by members of the previous administration.”

Another parent said:

“When such things happen, the admin should call for an EGM so that parents are fully informed about what is going on.

“It’s surprising that the school remained mum over such a strange thing.

“This used coffin story has frightened our children because they don’t know if they were being used in this spiritualism or satanism.

“There is no smoke without fire. We cannot pretend kuti hakuna huroyi. Satanism and occultism zviriko vabereki. Zvimwe ngatitaurei, but coffin here? We should not protect the school kana paine zviri kuitika. Let’s get to the bottom of the matter.”

Another parent said:

“Panorema pachikoro paya hapaitike meeting inobudirira because each time parents meet for a meeting vanotobvapo vachiwirirana navo.

“There are some officials from the school vekuti vanototyisa.

“I feel there is need to bring in some new faces into the school administration timboona kuti zvinomira sei.”

One parent said he was contemplating transferring his children.

“My child is now very afraid and asked me to transfer her to another school. As long as the old admin remains at Girls High, nothing will change. I am told there is no peace, and teachers don’t talk to each other.

“There are a lot of things happening at the school.”

— HMetro

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