Father’s sinister secret exposed: Evil man sacrifices one-year-old daughter for mining rituals


In a sh0cking and horrifying incident, a gold panner named Thomas Muzenda (38) has admitted to brutally murdering his one-year-and-two-month-old daughter as part of a ritual aimed at enhancing his mining business.

Thomas, a resident of Village 17 in Mupukuta, Gokwe North, initially filed a missing persons report with the police, attempting to conceal his heinous crime. However, during the course of interrogation, the truth unravelled. It was revealed that he had taken certain body parts of his own daughter to a traditional healer known as Dhumba, who performed rituals believed to bring prosperity to his mining activities.

Thomas led the police to a disused well where the remains of his innocent daughter were found. The police confirmed the gruesome details, stating, “The suspect confessed to the police that he had killed his daughter with a knife for ritual purposes to allegedly boost his mining activities after approaching a traditional healer, only identified as Dhumba. Police have since recovered the remains of the victim from a disused well at Zenda Mining area, Gokwe North.”

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This harrowing incident sheds light on the dark depths to which some individuals may go in their pursuit of wealth and success. The tragic loss of an innocent life serves as a stark reminder of the need for justice and the importance of safeguarding the vulnerable. The community and authorities alike are left reeling from the sh0cking revelation and grappling with the horrifying reality of this disturbing crime.

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