Unrepentant criminal strikes again: Freed car thief continues criminal career with 2 bold heists


In a jaw-dropping turn of events, a 32-year-old convicted car thief, Tevnet Ncube, from Ratanyana village in Matabeleland South province, managed to snatch freedom under a Presidential amnesty, only to dive headfirst into his criminal ways once again! This audacious thief wasted no time and swiftly stole not just one, but two vehicles during his short-lived taste of freedom.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, confirmed the sh0cking arrest and shed light on the brazen crimes committed by Tevnet Ncube. It all started on August 10 when police received a tip-off about a stolen Honda Fit spotted at Maphisa growth point. Acting swiftly, the police apprehended the suspect, Tevnet Ncube, who was caught red-handed.

During the subsequent investigation, police uncovered another sh0cking revelation. It turned out that Tevnet Ncube was responsible for yet another motor vehicle theft that occurred on July 28. In this daring act, a Honda Fit with the registration AFS 1944 was stolen from a house in Bulawayo. The audacity! But that’s not all, folks.

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On August 9, the complainant had momentarily left his Honda Fit parked outside a house with the engine running while he ran an errand to deliver groceries from South Africa. To his absolute dismay, upon returning just ten minutes later, he discovered his beloved motor vehicle had vanished into thin air! Inside the stolen car, along with the complainant’s heartbreak, were a 32-inch plasma TV and some precious groceries.

But justice had its day. Inspector Abednico Ncube revealed that during the investigation, a series of stunning discoveries unfolded. The first stolen Honda Fit, taken on July 28, was found, albeit with a false number plate. Interestingly, the original plates were discovered in the very same vehicle’s boot. Talk about a twist!

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Meanwhile, the second stolen vehicle, recovered at Maphisa, was found to be carrying the stolen 32-inch plasma TV and the pilfered groceries. What a bizarre loot!

Unbelievably, it was revealed that Tevnet Ncube had only recently been released from prison after serving a portion of his 14-year jail term for a similar offense—stealing a motor vehicle back in 2016. It seems that freedom was wasted on this incorrigible thief.

As the law catches up with Tevnet Ncube once again, authorities are left scratching their heads at the audacity and persistence of this serial car thief. Stay tuned for more updates on this high-octane crime spree that has left the nation in shock and disbelief!

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