High drama as DJ Towers publicly admits to stealing money from Passion Java, social media explodes


MUSIC producer and social media influencer, Tawanda “DJ Towers” Marimbe, has publicly apologised to fellow socialite Passion Java for stealing money from him.

This sensational revelation has sent social media into a frenzy, with fans and followers expressing their sh0ck and disbelief.

Passion Java took to his social media platforms to claim DJ Towers was involved in a robbery which occurred a few weeks ago.

According to Passion’s posts, DJ Towers allegedly tipped the robbers, resulting in the theft in which he lost valuable items. In a video that has gone viral, DJ Towers can be seen begging for forgiveness from Passion Java. The sincerity in his plea has sparked mixed reactions among social media users.

Some are sympathising with DJ Towers while others are condemning his behaviour.

The betrayal of trust between these two influencers has ignited a heated discussion online.

Fans have taken sides, with some calling for forgiveness while others demand accountability and justice.

Below are some of the comments from the fans:

Tawaz shame anga achichema ka uyu but mamakafitana wani. – Cary Mai Talia


I highly recommend money, please work hard. Look how humiliating this is, this is never and I repeat never forgiveness from the heart, it’s parading someone for their mistake and feed your ultra-ego. – Chriswell Chitaunhike


Poverty haizodi kuita international like this. – Coe Xtra Polly


We are poor but losing your dignity kuneimwe honho like this got to be a man twerking of the century. – Takue Gwats


Gents let’s work hard. This thing of begging ahh maya it’s a totally NO. DJ Towers rose to fame through his charismatic online presence and his hit music productions. He has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, where he often shares glimpses of his lavish lifestyle and collaborations with other influencers. Passion Java, known for his lavish lifestyle and controversial antics, has a dedicated following and is often surrounded by controversy. – Reggie Dylan.

— HMetro

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