Secrets Exposed: Sh0cking ‘command voting’ revealed – Nelson Chamisa CCC breathes fire

Fadzayi Mahere

In a bombshell revelation, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has exposed a sh0cking violation of the secrecy of the voting process ahead of the upcoming elections.

Reports have flooded the CCC, detailing how members of the security forces were allegedly coerced into casting their postal ballots under the watchful eyes of their superiors, in a practice sarcastically dubbed ‘command voting’ by the opposition.

Fadzayi Mahere, the fiery spokesperson of CCC, unleashed her fury during a media conference held in Harare on Wednesday. She condemned the flagrant disregard for the secrecy of one’s vote, emphasizing that this blatant violation was occurring within the ranks of the police and other security forces. According to Mahere, agents of participating parties were absent during the balloting process, in direct contravention of the law.

But that’s not all. Mahere further accused the ruling party Zanu PF of resorting to underhanded tactics, alleging that opposition campaign posters were being ripped apart and burned. CCC activists, she claimed, were targeted with politically motivated violence and unwarranted arrests, leaving a trail of injustice in their wake.

Amidst these sh0cking revelations, Mahere expressed her unwavering confidence in the opposition’s victory. She called upon Zimbabweans to flock to the polling stations in their millions, determined to secure a resounding triumph for the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition.

However, Mahere did not spare the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) from her scathing criticism. She accused the electoral body of failing to provide an up-to-date voters roll and withholding information on the location of ballot paper printing. Such non-compliance, she argued, constituted a significant breach of electoral law that cannot be tolerated.

In a passionate plea, Mahere demanded the immediate release of Gladmore Hakata, the CCC’s parliamentary candidate for Glen View South, and the 39 detained CCC activists. She urged the authorities not to subject them to a moment longer in police custody.

As Zimbabwe braces itself for the crucial elections, tensions are soaring regarding the conduct of the poll by ZEC. The outcome is poised on a knife’s edge, with the ruling Zanu PF party and the main opposition CCC locked in a fierce battle for supremacy.

This scandalous turn of events has rocked the nation, leaving many questioning the integrity of the electoral process. Will justice prevail? Only time will tell as Zimbabweans hold their breath, waiting for the pivotal moment that will decide their future.

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