Deportation Drama: Ex-SABC broadcaster Chris Maroleng blazes with anger at Zimbabwean govt’s action


Former SABC broadcaster Chris Maroleng has been deported from Zimbabwe, prompting him to call on Zimbabweans to “rise against tyranny.”

Maroleng, who is now the SADC Executive Director of Good Governance Africa, arrived in Zimbabwe on Tuesday with the intention of conducting field research on election conditions. However, the government spokesperson, Nick Mangwana, accused Maroleng of misrepresenting the purpose of his visit.

Maroleng and his colleagues were denied accreditation to cover the upcoming election and were subsequently deported. Expressing his disappointment on social media, Maroleng urged the people of Zimbabwe to stand up against oppression and demand change.

He criticized the government for using bullying tactics to silence dissent and maintain their grip on power. Maroleng felt that his deportation was unfair, as he and his team had followed all the necessary protocols and had a noble purpose for being in Zimbabwe.

Mangwana defended the deportation, stating that foreign journalists who misrepresent their purpose in the country would be sent back. He emphasized the importance of transparency and accurate representation when visiting Zimbabwe.

Maroleng’s deportation serves as a reminder of the government’s efforts to suppress the truth and undermine democratic rights, according to Maroleng. He called on Zimbabweans to turn their anger into action and demand accountability from the oppressive forces seeking to violate their democratic rights and aspirations.

“We cannot afford to be silent in the face of such tyranny,” he said.

“This incident is a wake-up call for all Zimbabweans to rise up against the oppressive forces that seek to undermine their democratic rights and aspirations.

“We must channel our anger into action, demanding accountability,” he thundered.

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