Woman discovers calling as rain maker after 7-year battle with illness, stops wearing shoes

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ESNATH Jonathan, a 55-year-old resident of Thorngrove, has recently shared her extraordinary journey of self-discovery as a medium for rain spirits.

After battling illness for seven long years, Esnath found solace in her ancestral roots and accepted her calling as a spirit medium, leading to a remarkable transformation in her life.

Esnath’s desperate need for finding healing took her through various methods, but none proved successful.

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It was her grandmother, Makanaka, who suggested consulting a traditional healer. Following the healer’s advice, Esnath was astonished to learn that she possessed the ability to communicate with rain spirits and that embracing this calling was the key to her recovery.

Since that revelation, Esnath has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to following the guidance provided by the healer. As part of her spiritual journey, she has adopted a traditional lifestyle, which includes walking barefooted and not using modern conveniences.

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“I have switched to using clay pots for cooking and have completely stopped wearing shoes,” Esnath explained.

“Even for cooking, I rely on a fire instead of an electrical stove, as it is believed that using modern appliances could negatively impact my health,” she said.

While Esnath’s lifestyle adjustments may seem challenging to some, she has found immense happiness and contentment since accepting her calling. Over time, she has grown accustomed to the simplicity and traditions of her new way of life.

“I have embraced this path wholeheartedly, and it has brought me great joy,” Esnath shared.

“Living in harmony with the spirits and following their guidance has not only improved my health but also brought a sense of purpose and fulfillment to my life.”

As Esnath continues to navigate her spiritual path, she hopes to inspire others to explore their own connections to their ancestral heritage and find solace and healing in their own unique ways.

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