Ndinyengeiwo girl Lorraine Guyo close call with jail saga: Fresh details emerge

Lorraine Guyo

Socialite Lorraine Guyo will not face prosecution for fraud, as the state has determined that there is insufficient evidence to support the charges. The case was rejected during the vetting process before it could proceed to the magistrate’s court.

On Monday evening, Guyo was briefly detained before being released into the custody of her legal representatives.

The incident revolves around an agreement Guyo had entered into to sell her car to the complainant for a total of US$4,500, with payment to be made in instalments. The complainant had already paid US$1,400 in two instalments but then stopped making further payments, despite having already used the car.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, Guyo communicated with the complainant on multiple occasions and eventually repossessed the car, stating that she would only return it once full payment had been received.

Following this, the complainant reported the matter to the police, which led to Guyo’s brief detention. However, authorities advised the complainant to pursue the matter in the Civil Court if they felt aggrieved by the situation.

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