Zim 2023 elections update: Tensions rise as Zanu PF pulls a sh0cker – Now we have these results…


The ruling ZANU PF says it projects that its presidential election candidate, President Mnangagwa, will win comfortably by between 60 percent and 65 percent, while in the National Assembly race, the party has sealed an over two-thirds majority, the party’s Treasurer General Cde Patrick Chinamasa said last night.

Cde Chinamasa, who was acting in the capacity of Zanu PF Secretary General Cde Obert Mpofu, said this during a media briefing at the party’s headquarters.

He said ZANU PF had three well-trained polling agents at each of the over 12 000 polling stations across the country, who have provided V11s from their stations showing the party’s performance.

“Now we have these results, (and) I want to say on the basis of what we have, we are on full target with our projections,” he said.

“We are on full target to achieve a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly; already we are there.

“We are also on target to achieve 60 to 65 percent for our President in this election. That is what we set out to achieve. So, I am grateful to the electorate; that this has in fact been achieved.”

Cde Chinamasa saluted voters and the rest of the people for voting in peace, heeding President Mnangagwa’s repeated calls for peace before, during and after the elections.

He said the peace was achieved despite “provocations from some quarters”.

Cde Chinamasa called on the people not to heed CCC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa’s calls for violence when results are announced against them, saying law enforcement agents were well-prepared to deal with any disturbances to peace.

“The public is advised strongly not to listen to the rantings of Chamisa. We are all are privy to what he has been saying, basically seeking to disturb the peace that has characterised the conduct of these elections.

“He has been claiming that he won; that is a lie, a falsehood that he is perpetrating. He has also been claiming that he will not accept the results; he can be entitled to his opinion. What is important is what ZEC (the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) has announced.

“Clearly, he is a stranger to facts, I don’t think he knows what a fact is; he is day-dreaming,” said Cde Chinamasa.

He said the results they have received from polling agents, have been tallying with those announced by ZEC in respect of the National Assembly polls, whose results are being announced.

Mr Chamisa has been vowing not to accept any result that does not present him as the winner of the presidential elections.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) elections officer Mr Sydney Sibanda announces the first results for the harmonised elections in Gwanda yesterday

Addressing his last few rallies and an online television station, Mr Chamisa said if any other party, and not his, were to be announced as winners, the result would be fake and therefore unacceptable to him and his supporters.

He has also been calling on his supporters to ensure they “defend their vote” by staying as close to polling

stations as possible after voting.

The utterances have been construed by analysts as psyching up his supporters to unleash violence that is similar, if not worse than they did on August 1, 2018, just a day after voting.

Cde Chinamasa said it is “very clear that Chamisa is seeking to provoke and to breach peace”.

“I want to say that any incitement (to violence), you have to face up with law enforcement agents. Zanu PF supporters have no responsibility to maintain law and order in the country; it is the responsibility of law enforcement agents.

“Should he (Mr Chamisa) seek to disturb the peace, he should know the consequences, when he is faced by the law enforcement agents.

“I want to believe that given the utterances he has been making, the rantings that he has been making, which indicate the direction he wants to go; I am confident that the law enforcement agents are well-equipped and alert to deal with any eventually as far as disturbing peace is concerned,” said Cde Chinamasa.

Asked by journalists how the delays in delivering voting material affected ZANU PF, Cde Chinamasa conceded they were affected but not significantly as it was just in a few wards in Harare and Manicaland.

He described as “utter rubbish” claims by opposition supporters that ZANU PF colluded with ZEC to delay the delivery of voting material to frustrate urban voters, who were said to be more likely to vote for the opposition.

Cde Chinamasa said ZANU PF had a target of cutting the opposition’s dominance in urban areas, and would have wanted everyone to vote on time, but said the target to win or increase the number of votes in urban areas was achieved following many pro-people developments.

— Herald

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