President ED Mnangagwa’s election victory latest

President ED Mnangagwa and his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent victory in the election and subsequent inauguration has been widely praised for his commitment to servant leadership and driving inclusive development in Zimbabwe.

Since assuming office in 2017, President Mnangagwa has taken bold steps to revitalise the country’s governance systems and create a favourable business environment to attract both local and international investors. His transformative initiatives have garnered significant support and are seen as key to Zimbabwe’s progress.

President Mnangagwa won resoundingly in the August 23 Harmonised Elections and his party, Zanu-PF, got a majority in the Parliament and local councils. This electoral success is a testament to the accomplishments and milestones achieved during his first term in office.

Mnangagwa’s administration has set a precedent for a reformed public service by introducing performance-based contracts for ministers, permanent secretaries, heads of parastatals, and council CEOs. This strategic move aims to enhance accountability and efficiency within the public sector, fostering a culture of excellence and results-oriented governance.

Numerous government entities have extended their congratulations to Mnangagwa, pledging their unwavering support in realising his vision for a transformed Zimbabwe. The Public Service Commission (PSC) lauded the President’s victory as a significant milestone for national development. They expressed their utmost confidence in Mnangagwa’s leadership and encouraged civil servants to discharge their duties diligently while embracing innovation aligned with the President’s development vision.

The Parliament of Zimbabwe commended Mnangagwa’s overwhelming victory, acknowledging the positive impact his administration has had on the nation. They recognized the remarkable socio-economic transformation witnessed during the first term of the Second Republic, characterized by extensive infrastructure development and job creation.

As Zimbabwe forges ahead towards its goal of becoming an upper middle-income economy by 2030, state-owned enterprises have reaffirmed their commitment to fulfilling their mandates and providing essential services to the population.

Mnangagwa’s re-election signals a continuation of his transformative agenda, driven by servant leadership and a deep-rooted commitment to inclusive development. With the unwavering support of government institutions, private sector stakeholders, and the Zimbabwean people, the President endeavours to lead the nation to prosperity, ensuring that no individual or region is left behind in the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

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