High drama unfolds in CBD as thief gets caught red handed trying to steal from a parked car

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A suspected thief, known only as Thembani, fell victim to a brutal act of mob justice in Bulawayo’s central business district. The incident took place on September 4, after Thembani allegedly broke into a parked car at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Fort Street.

The car’s owner noticed the break-in and quickly approached the scene, causing Thembani to flee in panic. The owner gave chase, calling for help from passersby, who joined in the pursuit. Eventually, the mob caught up with Thembani.

In an act of aggression, the enraged mob unleashed a barrage of punches, kicks, and insults upon Thembani. They proceeded to tear off his shirt and trousers, leaving him partially nɑked. Sh0ckingly, a woman even went as far as removing his underweɑr, leaving him completely exposed.

During the violent ordeal, some onlookers took pictures of Thembani, while others mocked his mɑnhood. According to some women present, Thembani was believed to be a repeat offender responsible for numerous thefts in the area.

Fortunately, two police officers passing by intervened, preventing further harm to the alleged thief. They apprehended Thembani and transported him to the Bulawayo Central Police Station for further handling.

Additionally, Thembani is suspected of being part of a group of thieves operating along 6th Avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street.

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