SO SAD: Devastated woman considers suicide after own son insults her with unprintable words

File pic: Chief's court

In a heart-wrenching tale from Chimanimani, a devoted mother named Bethrine Mafudze has endured the emotional and verbal abuse of her 30-year-old son, Prince Rambwi. However, Mafudze’s patience reached its limit, prompting her to take her son to acting Chief Saurombe’s court in search of justice.

Mafudze expressed her unwavering love for her eldest child, but the incessant insults she endured were not only demeaning but also tarnished her reputation within the community. The weight of her disrespectful son’s actions became unbearable, leading her to seek resolution through the legal system.

Acting Chief Saurombe presided over the case and found Prince guilty of mistreating his mother. In delivering the ruling, the chief emphasized that Mafudze, as Prince’s biological mother, would not fabricate such accusations against him. He admonished Prince for causing his mother immense emotional pain and urged him to reflect on his behavior.

The chief issued a stern warning to Prince, advising him never to challenge his parents, especially his mother, as it would result in lifelong regret. He emphasized that the bond between a mother and child should never be taken lightly, cautioning Prince against mistreating his mother. The chief revealed that Mafudze harboured significant anger toward her son, urging him to seek her forgiveness and make amends before it was too late. He warned of dire consequences if Prince failed to appease his mother’s aggrieved spirit, emphasizing the seriousness of such actions.

During the court proceedings, Mafudze shared the distressing impact her son’s verbal abuse had on her life. Prince would hurl unspeakable insults at her in public, causing her to become the subject of ridicule within their community. The breaking point came when Prince directed vulgɑr words at her for advising him against cultivating his grandmother’s land. This incident left Mafudze so devastated that she contemplated suicide. Furthermore, Prince’s disrespectful behavior had led to a loss of respect from his siblings, who also witnessed the public humiliation.

Prince initially denied the allegations but eventually admitted his wrongdoing and offered an apology to his mother. He attributed his unbecoming conduct to substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol.

As part of the ruling, Prince was ordered to make amends by presenting his mother with either a goat or a sum of US$45 as a symbol of appeasement.

This heartrending story showcases the profound pain experienced by a caring parent whose love for her child remains unbroken, despite enduring relentless mistreatment. It serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting and cherishing one’s parents, as their unconditional love should never be taken for granted.

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