SO SAD: Boy spends 3 years without going to toilet as ngozi spirit wreaks havoc


A 13-year-old boy from Mutasa has faced a peculiar health issue for the past three years, during which he has been unable to pass stool or urine normally. Medical professionals have resorted to inserting a catheter and a C-tube to assist with waste disposal. Despite numerous medical tests, doctors have been unable to diagnose the cause of the boy’s condition.

When The Weekender spoke with the Madiro family, the boy’s grandfather, Claudio Madiro, revealed their belief that the issue stems from the vengeful spirit of a deceased prisoner. According to the family, Danwell Madiro, who was previously a prison guard in Gweru, had a prisoner die while in his custody. They claim that the spirit of the deceased prisoner, known as Tapiwa Pukeni, is now haunting the family and demanding compensation and justice.

The boy’s inability to excrete waste began during his fifth grade, forcing him to complete his primary school education in a hospital and study online. When the avenging spirit manifests, it allegedly takes responsibility for the boy’s condition. The family sought medical assistance at various hospitals, including Mbuya Nehanda, Victoria Chitepo Provincial, and Parirenyatwa, but doctors have been unable to provide a diagnosis.

According to Claudio Madiro, the avenging spirit insists that the affliction will only cease once it is appeased. Allegedly, Danwell Madiro is accused by the spirit of killing the prisoner years ago by pinning him down and fatally assaulting him. The spirit claims that Danwell even took the deceased’s T-shirt and soil from his grave in an attempt to silence the spirit.

The matter was brought before Chief Mutasa’s court, and the chief offered to accompany the family to meet the deceased prisoner’s family in Chipinge. However, Danwell failed to show up on the scheduled travel day, causing concern for the Madiro family. They fear that if the situation remains unresolved, further tragedies may befall them.

In his defense, Danwell admitted to previously working as a prison guard at Hwahwa Prison but vehemently denied any involvement in Tapiwa Pukeni’s death. He accused his brothers of colluding with traditional healers to falsely implicate him in the murder. Despite his denial, the avenging spirit demands Danwell’s confession and presence during the appeasement process.

The Madiro family has sought the assistance of over 20 traditional healers, but none have been successful in exorcising the spirit, as it insists on Danwell’s involvement. The spirit claims to be from Chief Mutema’s area in Chipinge and asserts that its parents are still alive. It has made various unusual demands, such as requesting water from a specific river flowing into Mozambique for bathing purposes. The family complied with the spirit’s demands, even allowing the possessed 13-year-old boy to consume eight liters of opaque beer upon the spirit’s instructions, in fear for his life.

Despite their efforts, the family feels that the avenging spirit remains powerful, and spiritual healers have been unable to redirect it to Danwell’s family. Chief Mutasa has adjourned the matter to a later date, hoping that Danwell will be present during the hearing.

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