Plot to recall Chamisa’s CCC MPs: ‘Secretary-General’ Sengezo Tshabangu hits out at Ostallos Siziba

CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba

In a scathing attack, Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) secretary general, has criticized the party as a group of self-righteous and wealthy politicians who manipulated the candidate selection process ahead of the upcoming 2023 elections.

Tshabangu warned that unpopular candidates imposed by the party could face removal at an upcoming elective congress.

Tshabangu’s criticism comes after Gift ‘Ostallos’ Siziba, the CCC’s deputy national spokesperson, responded tersely to a letter Tshabangu had written to Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda. In the letter, Tshabangu claimed to have recalled Members of Parliament (MPs) who he alleged were no longer CCC members.

Tshabangu accused Ostallos and a small group of individuals of manipulating the candidate selection process and undermining internal party democracy. He blamed this group for the current issues the party is facing and emphasized the need for the party to adhere to its constitution during the selection of party leaders through a congress.

Expressing disappointment, Tshabangu noted that while the party was on a journey to cleanse itself of undesirable elements and practices, some individuals were causing confusion and misleading party members, thereby tarnishing the party’s reputation.

Tshabangu criticized the candidate selection process held on June 18, stating that it was flawed and influenced by money. He claimed that Ostallos and his group replaced democratically elected candidates with their own preferred choices, including girlfriends and family members, in exchange for financial gain.

Tshabangu issued a warning, stating that they were determined to restore democracy within the party and hold accountable Ostallos and his group of wealthy individuals, whom he referred to as “filthy rich.” He emphasized their commitment to bringing about democracy not only within the party but also in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

The latest controversy arose from Tshabangu’s letter to Parliament, dated October 3, 2023, in which he purported to recall CCC MPs, alleging that they were no longer loyal party members.

Sengezo Tshabangu, a former official of the MDC-T and People’s Democratic Party (PDP), is believed to have been involved in producing duplicate CCC candidates for the recent harmonized elections.

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