My mother-in-law is troublesome: Chaos unfolds as muroora calls vamwene ‘ED’


In a recent incident in Harare, a woman appeared before a magistrate to voice her concerns about alleged mistreatment by her daughter-in-law. Betty Chinyangare accused Mercy Mutonono of subjecting her to emotional abuse by referring to her as “ED,” the initials of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to Chinyangare, this nickname was intended to belittle and insult her, as Mutonono accused her of being ruthless and desiring to be treated like a president. Chinyangare expressed her desire for her daughter-in-law and son to vacate her house due to the disrespectful behavior. Additionally, Chinyangare claimed that Mutonono used vulgar language to insult her and conspired against her with other tenants.

“She says I am ruthless and want to be regarded as a president, hence she calls me ED,” Chinyangare said.

“I want them to move out from my house because she is disrespectful.

Mutonono, on the other hand, denied the allegations and counterclaimed that her mother-in-law was troublesome. She alleged that Chinyangare had physically abused her in the past, resulting in injuries. However, Chinyangare would often be the first to report the incidents to the police.

“My mother in law is troublesome,” Mutonono said.

“She has previously physically abused me and I sustained injuries, but she runs to the police station to report me first.”

Magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted Chinyangare’s request for a peace order and ordered Mutonono to move out of her in-law’s house.

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