CCC in turmoil: Chamisa’s party under attack, Zanu PF’s sinister plot laid bare

Sengezo Tshabangu

Zanu PF has dismissed Nelson Chamisa’s claims that the ruling party is behind the recalls of opposition legislators and councillors in an effort to sow division and destroy his party, the CCC. This comes after 24 party legislators and 17 councillors were unexpectedly ousted based on a directive issued by one Sengezo Tshabangu, who claims to be acting as the CCC secretary general.

Tshabangu, a relatively unknown figure until the recent recall order, wrote to the national assembly speaker, Jacob Mudenda, asserting that the affected legislators were no longer CCC members. Chamisa expressed his anger on Wednesday, alleging that the enemy was sponsoring these recalls as part of a plot to dismantle the CCC.

Chamisa vehemently stated, “Stay away from CCC, hands off CCC. This is a citizens’ movement; you don’t just wake up one day from the streets in a drunken stupor and claim to be someone.” He further emphasized that the CCC does not have a secretary general position but operates with different roles and tasks. Chamisa accused Zanu PF of orchestrating the scheme, alleging that certain individuals who are not even registered members of the CCC were being used to carry out the recalls.

In response to Chamisa’s accusations, Farai Marapira, the acting Director for Information and Publicity of Zanu PF, dismissed the claims and urged Chamisa to refrain from tarnishing the ruling party’s name.

Marapira stated, “Mr Chamisa has simply shown the depth of his ignorance on matters of statecraft,” Marapira said.

“Zanu PF is a political party within this country. We do not instate or remove legislators from the opposition from any position.

“Mr Chamisa should stop pontificating and stop doing so much rhetoric at the expense of the progression of his party and his supporters.

“Mr Chamisa should take full responsibility that he is below par leader and that this problem is emanating from his party are solely his own fault and he should stop involving Zanu PF in each and every malady that comes across his way.”

Marapira emphasized that Zanu PF has no concern regarding Chamisa’s actions, stating that it is his decision if he chooses to remove his own party members, and it has nothing to do with Zanu PF.

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