Dramatic turn of events: Man behind recall of 70 Zanu PF MPs faces arrest

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Cde Jacob Mudenda

ZANU PF calls for police action against individual impersonating party official

ZANU PF has urged the police to investigate and apprehend Tafadzwa Manyika, who allegedly wrote a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, recalling 70 ruling party MPs.

Manyika signed the letter as the ZANU PF interim Secretary General, claiming that the MPs were no longer members of the party.

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In an interview with NewZimbabwe, Farai Marapira, ZANU PF Information Director, expressed concern over the potential consequences of such fraudulent actions. Marapira described the opposition’s behaviour as immature and emphasized the need to address the dissemination of false information. He urged the police to locate and hold accountable the individuals responsible for spreading the fake letters, emphasizing the importance of maintaining stability and preventing alarm and despondency.

The letter bears similarities to another instance involving the self-imposed interim secretary general of the CCC party, Sengezo Tshabangu, which led to the recall of 15 CCC MPs from the National Assembly. Marapira highlighted the distinction between ZANU PF and CCC, noting that ZANU PF operates within known structures, unlike CCC.

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Meanwhile, CCC held a press briefing on Wednesday reaffirming that they had not recalled any of their members from Parliament, the Senate, or local authorities. They dismissed the existence of the office of Secretary General claimed by Tshabangu, emphasizing that nobody could write on their behalf. CCC accused ZANU PF of orchestrating the recalls to secure a required two-thirds majority.

As the situation unfolds, ZANU PF continues to seek legal action against those responsible for spreading misinformation, while CCC maintains their stance, denying any recall of their members and challenging the legitimacy of Tshabangu’s claimed position.

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