Disturbing incident shakes village: Water turns into blood at borehole, one arrested


Residents of Bhulu, located in the Mangwe District of Matabeleland South Province, have been left stunned and traumatized by a horrifying incident involving the brutal murder of two men.

The bodies of the victims were callously dumped in a community borehole, causing shockwaves throughout the village.

The distressing case was brought to light when individuals from Silombe line, who had gone to fetch water, were confronted with a chilling sight. They discovered water mixed with blood flowing from the borehole and immediately reported the matter to the local police.

The suspect, identified as Nudza Dube, was subsequently apprehended in connection with the gruesome murders. The two men had been reported missing since the previous Tuesday, leaving the villagers deeply concerned about their whereabouts.

Upon hearing of the distressing discovery, village elders were alerted and promptly notified the authorities at Ingwizi Police Station. Subsequently, with the assistance of community members, the police utilized mining equipment to retrieve the bodies from the borehole at approximately 9 am. Shockingly, one of the victims had his throat slit.

A community leader, who preferred to remain anonymous until all the suspects were apprehended, expressed the profound shock and disbelief that had gripped the village. The leader disclosed that following the retrieval of the bodies, the police managed to arrest one suspect named Menzi, while two others managed to evade capture.

According to the community leader, both the victims and the suspects hailed from the same village. Notably, one of the suspects, Lucky Ncube, was a known criminal who had a history of imprisonment. The victim with the slit throat was identified as Bheki Ncube, while the other victim was named Million.

It was revealed that the suspects allegedly committed the murder in Lucky’s room, as blood was found within it. The nature of the killings left the community perplexed and horrified.

The leader expressed hope that the remaining two suspects, identified as Methuli and the fugitive Lucky Ncube, would be swiftly apprehended to provide closure to the traumatized community. The leader emphasized that peace would only be restored once all those involved were brought to justice.

Efforts to obtain a comment from the Matabeleland South police regarding the incident were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

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