Chamisa’s CCC in turmoil: Intense divisions and recalls push party to the brink of collapse!

Former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa

In a deeply divided CCC party, intense infighting and divisions have resulted in the recall of Harare Mayor Ian Makone, deputy Kudzai Kadzombe, and several other councillors across the nation.

Among those being axed in Harare are Denford Ngadziore, Lovejoy Chitegu, Samuel Gwenzi, Chido Hamauswa, Tiriboyi Sabina, Florence Cheza, and Matimba Fadzai.

CCC’s self-imposed interim secretary-general, Sengezo Tshabangu, issued a letter to Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Winston Chitando, announcing the immediate effect of the recalls. This development follows the High Court’s recent validation of Tshabangu’s recall of 15 Members of Parliament in October. The court ruled that without a party constitution, leadership and organizational charts, and even a membership roll, it was impossible to determine who held the authority to recall members.

Earlier reports revealed allegations that certain desperate CCC legislators and councillors were attempting to bribe Tshabangu in order to avoid being recalled. However, analysts attribute the chaotic situation within the party to a lack of proper structures.

Confirming the contact from CCC legislators, Tshabangu acknowledged their appeals but denied any involvement of monetary transactions. He clarified, “There is no question of money that is being involved, but they are coming to me and saying look SG please we complied and went back to Parliament as you had indicated before, so please don’t recall us,” he said.

“They are saying they will from now onwards comply with whatever I say therefore I should not recall them”.

As CCC continues to grapple with internal conflicts and power struggles, the party faces significant challenges in establishing clear structures and maintaining unity among its members.

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