Man gets 12 months in jail for stealing beer worth US$7.50


A young man learns his lesson

Tinashe Moyo, a 22-year-old from the town of Plumtree, Zimbabwe is regretting his recent decision to steal some beer and snacks from the local supermarket.

According to court documents, Tinashe was caught red-handed by security drinking one can of beer in the store without paying. When asked to pay, he claimed he had no money on him.

A search by staff revealed he had hidden additional items like an empty can of Red Bull, a Cheeky Chilly bottle, two packets of biltong and a packet of spuds in the pockets of his overalls. Unable to provide a reasonable explanation for how the goods ended up in his possession without paying, Tinashe was promptly arrested for theft.

He pleaded guilty in court, where Magistrate Joshua Nembaware ruled that Tinashe should face the consequences of his actions. 6 months of his 1-year jail sentence was suspended on the condition of good behaviour and another three months on condition that he restitutes the complainant the sum of US$7.50 by 30 November.

The remaining three months were suspended on condition that Moyo completes 105 hours of community service at Plumtree Magistrates’ Courts.

In total, Tinashe attempted to steal around US$21 worth of items but was only found with $13.25 on him. One wonders if the momentary satisfaction of snatched refreshments and snacks was worth the potential year-long punishment. This case serves as an example of how even small acts of theft can land one in big trouble with the law.

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