Power struggle erupts: Cossam Chiangwa’s AFM on the verge of split due to leadership dispute

Cossam Chiangwa

The Apostolic Faith Mission of Zimbabwe (AFM) is currently facing the possibility of a split as conflicts arise among church elders regarding its constitution.

Reverend Cossam Chiangwa, the leader of the church, is alleged to have made changes to the constitution without involving other elders in an apparent bid to retain his position of power.

According to the AFM constitution, elections for a new president and deputy president from among senior pastors should take place every three years. Concerned pastors have accused Rev Chiangwa of neglecting to facilitate these elections and failing to adhere to the constitution.

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Since August, meetings have been held to address these issues, with some factions calling for Rev Chiangwa to step down. It has been noted that his tenure has expired, and he has reportedly surpassed the age limit of 65 for presiding over the church, as outlined in the constitution.

Tensions escalated on Saturday during a meeting in Kadoma, where members of the Mid North Province clashed while attempting to find common ground and prevent a potential split.

Resolutions made during a meeting held by the Mid North Province on October 24 emphasized the importance of upholding the church’s constitution and the urgent announcement of election dates.

In a letter addressed to Rev Chiangwa and Rev Mathe, the concerned pastors expressed their belief that they were being undermined by Rev Chiangwa, Rev Mathe, and Pastor Gutura. They highlighted the need for their concerns to be addressed and called for intervention from the executive to resolve the longstanding issue.

The situation within the AFM reflects internal divisions and disagreements stemming from perceived violations of the church’s constitution. The outcome of these conflicts remains uncertain, and efforts to find a resolution are ongoing.

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