Man in big trouble after ignoring ngozi spirit’s demands for over 6 decades

File pic: Chief's court

A long-standing dispute surrounding the appeasement of an avenging spirit has resurfaced, as a man from Chimanimani stands accused of neglecting his duty to reconcile with the spirit, despite its persistent demands.

Fungai Nemakonde, who was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the life of his nephew 62 years ago, has been labelled heartless by the Tambarare and Nemakonde families for his alleged indifference to the torment inflicted upon them by the avenging spirit.

The Tambarare and Nemakonde families have expressed bewilderment over Fungai’s steadfast refusal, considering that the spirit’s demands are considerably less than what is typically required in similar circumstances. Despite this, Fungai remains resolute in his stance.

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Recently, Fungai’s brother, Noah Kenneth Tambarare, brought the matter before Acting Chief Saurombe’s court in a bid to seek resolution. Noah lamented the absence of an apology from Fungai to their brother’s family over the past six decades.

“Our brother, who was Chidhinha’s father, died without receiving an apology from Fungai. He still insists that he did not cause Chidhinha’s death,” Noah said

Chidhinha tragically lost his life in 1961, and the avenging spirit began demanding compensation in 1975. However, Fungai has remained indifferent to these pleas, asserting that he was acquitted of murder charges in a criminal court and therefore bears no liability to appease Chidhinha’s spirit.

Consequently, the avenging spirit has started manifesting through Fungai’s niece, Anna Tambarare, accusing Fungai of causing Chidhinha’s untimely demise. The spirit has persistently demanded two cattle and US$700 as appeasement.

During a previous court session at Acting Chief Mutambara’s court, the spirit voiced its grievances through Anna: “You were not even at my funeral, even though you are one of my closest uncles. I charged you two cattle because you are part of the family, but you continue insulting me by not paying up. If you do not appease me, I will ask for seven cattle and more money.”

Tambarare revealed that Fungai had failed to contribute anything towards Chidhinha’s funeral, which compounded the family’s distress. Moreover, Anna, who is currently married to someone else, has been targeted by the spirit, claiming her as its wife and causing turmoil in her marriage.

Responding to the accusations, Fungai recounted the circumstances surrounding the tragic accident. He explained that he had initially refused to transport the children, but his late brother, Chidhinha’s father, insisted that he take them along. Tragically, as Fungai reversed the tractor to park, a mishap occurred, causing the trailer to detach and fatally strike Chidhinha. Fungai himself sustained injuries, including broken legs, and was subsequently hospitalized and later arrested.

“I honestly do not know how I was supposed to attend the funeral while I was in hospital and then in jail,” Fungai expressed, addressing the claims against him. He did, however, acknowledge that he had already fulfilled part of the appeasement by offering two cattle, but he still needed to raise US$700.

Denying any reluctance, Fungai declared, “I am just a poor man.”

Acting Chief Saurombe adjourned the matter until November 26, granting Fungai time to gather the required US$700 to fulfil the spirit’s demands.

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