High drama as police officer seeks refuge at station after being mercilessly bashed by wife


In a scene filled with high drama, a police officer in Bulawayo sought refuge at the Bulawayo Central Police Station after allegedly being mercilessly bashed by his wife. The startling incident unfolded recently, leaving the community stunned by the severity of the domestic dispute.

Constable Reason Mabhena, who serves at the Bulawayo Central Police Station, was preparing to leave for work when the situation took a tumultuous turn. His wife, Auxillia Mutikinyi (39), confronted him demanding money for rent. However, Mabhena informed her that he did not have the funds available.

Infuriated by his response, Mutikinyi blocked his path and launched a verbal attack. The confrontation quickly escalated into a physical assault as she grabbed Mabhena by the neck, accusing him of failing to meet his financial obligations.

Witnessing the distressing scene, a concerned neighbour shared the horrific details. Mutikinyi reportedly struck her husband on the head multiple times with a pot, causing profuse bleeding. In a fit of rage, she proceeded to tear his uniform shirt by grabbing him forcefully by the collar.

Realizing the urgency of his situation, Mabhena managed to break free from his wife’s clutches and fled the scene. He sought refuge at the Bulawayo Central Police Station, where he reported the incident and requested assistance. As a precautionary measure, he was subsequently referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for a comprehensive medical examination.

Efforts to obtain a statement from Mutikinyi were unsuccessful, as her mobile phone remained unreachable at the time.

Domestic violence cases are deeply concerning and require immediate attention and intervention. The incident involving a police officer, who is entrusted with maintaining law and order, raises important questions about the prevalence of such issues within society. Authorities and organizations focused on combating domestic violence need to address these matters seriously, ensuring that victims are protected and provided with the necessary support.

As investigations into this distressing incident continue, it serves as a reminder of the importance of combating domestic violence and promoting a safe and respectful environment within homes.

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