Manager in serious trouble for wasting security guard’s time after promising to marry her


In a recent court ruling, Mugwagwa Gumunyu, a manager at a local shipping logistics company, has been ordered to pay a compensation of US$500 to a woman he had promised to marry but instead wasted her time.

The incident unfolded in Murehwa, where Eunice Hunda, a security guard at the company, sought restitution for the broken marriage promise.

Despite being married, Gumunyu engaged in a relationship with Hunda, leading her to believe that they would eventually wed. Over the course of their relationship, Hunda claimed to have lost nearly US$2,000, as she had given small amounts of money to Gumunyu. It was later discovered that two other co-workers were in similar situations.

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The case was brought before Chief Nheweyembwa, who presided over the matter. In addition to the compensation, Gumunyu was also fined a goat for contempt of court. Initially questioning why he was appearing before Chief Nheweyembwa when he hailed from Masvingo, Gumunyu was swiftly reminded by the chief that his actions had transpired within Murehwa’s jurisdiction, thus requiring his accountability.

“Tinodakuziva kuti iwe Mugwagwa Gumunyu wekuMasvingo wakatenderwa nani kubva Masvingo kuuya kuzodanana nemwanasikana wekwa Murehwa uchisiya veMasvingo.

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“Mubvunzo wako ndewekushora dare nekudaro unofanira kuripa nembudzi,” the Chief thundered.

Following the chief’s ruling, Mugwagwa informed Eunice that their affair had come to an end.

“Hanzi hushamwari hwedu hwaperera pano nekuti aripiswa namambo,” said Eunice.

Eunice further claimed that Mugwagwa had concealed his marital status, asserting that he had been abandoned by his wife. Her suspicions were confirmed when she discovered that Mugwagwa he had promised two other workmates marriages, and they confronted him.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity in personal relationships. The ruling by Chief Nheweyembwa highlights the consequences individuals may face when they betray the trust of others. As Eunice and her co-workers seek to move forward from this ordeal, it is hoped that lessons will be learned and that such incidents can be prevented in the future.

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