Explosive Revelations: Tshabangu breaks silence on alleged Zanu PF collaboration to sabotage CCC

Self-imposed CCC Secretary-General Sengezo Tshabangu

CCC interim secretary-general denies collaboration with ZANU PF, calls for party rejuvenation

In a bid to dispel allegations of collusion with the ruling ZANU PF party, self-proclaimed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim secretary-general, Sengezo Tshabangu, has vehemently refuted claims that he is working to dismantle the opposition outfit.

Tshabangu recently recalled 14 CCC legislators and over 17 CCC councillors, citing their departure from the party. However, critics have accused him of being a member of ZANU PF.

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During an engaging conversation with Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube on the platform “In Conversation with Trevor,” Tshabangu asserted his legitimacy as a member of the opposition party. He emphasized that the CCC is an offshoot of the MDC Alliance, originating from within its ranks. Tshabangu clarified that the process that led to the appointment of President Nelson Chamisa as the CCC’s presidential candidate was the same process through which he was elected, highlighting the strategic ambiguity employed by the party.

Tshabangu justified the recall of CCC legislators and councillors, stating that it was necessary to address the internal issues that contributed to the party’s defeat in the August 2023 general elections. He criticized the strategic ambiguity within the party, which he believes resulted in inadequate training and deployment of polling agents. Tshabangu further alleged misappropriation of funds by individuals surrounding President Chamisa, leading to the party’s financial setback.

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Emphasizing the urgency of internal reforms, Tshabangu stressed the need to analyze the party’s shortcomings and rectify them before the next elections in 2028. He urged CCC members to engage in constructive discussions to strengthen the party’s foundation, foster unity, and bridge existing gaps. Tshabangu emphasized the importance of building a cohesive opposition force to provide a robust alternative for the electorate.

The formation of the CCC occurred last year when Nelson Chamisa, after losing control of the MDC Alliance party to Douglas Mwonzora, established the new political entity. Mwonzora’s faction had gained control of the MDC Alliance, including its symbols and emblems, prompting Chamisa to create the CCC.

As the CCC faces scrutiny and internal challenges, Tshabangu’s remarks seek to clarify his position within the party and dispel any notions of collaboration with ZANU PF. The future of the CCC now hinges on its ability to address internal weaknesses, foster dialogue, and rejuvenate itself as a formidable political force ahead of future electoral cycles.

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