High drama as woman runs to court after her boyfriend’s wife posted her pictures on social media


Daring woman takes legal action against boyfriend’s wife for social media harassment and stalking

In a bold move, Fabina Charuwanza has initiated legal proceedings against Stella Mwenda, her boyfriend’s wife, accusing her of breaching the peace by posting her pictures on social media and engaging in stalking behaviour.

The situation has unfolded amidst claims that Mwenda’s husband has been absent from their shared home for the past four months.

Charuwanza, determined to protect her privacy and seek justice, expressed her grievances, stating, “I want her to delete my pictures on her phone and to stop posting my pictures on social media.”

She further revealed that she was unaware of Mwenda’s lawful marriage, as she had initially encountered her boyfriend’s profile on a singles WhatsApp group.

Mwenda, while not opposing the peace order application, defended her actions by explaining that she resorted to posting the pictures after conducting a search at her home in an attempt to locate Charuwanza’s address.

Mwenda, who shares three children with her husband, emphasized the nature of their relationship and her rights as a wife. “She is my husband’s girlfriend, and I wedded at Rotten Row. They said it is a one-wife marriage act, and if I find my husband cheating, I should sue his girlfriend,” Mwenda stated firmly.

She also highlighted the strain the situation has put on their intimate life and emphasized her role as the current wife, not an ex-wife as Charuwanza had suggested.

Following the proceedings, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Charuwanza the peace order, providing her with legal protection and addressing her concerns regarding the breach of privacy and social media harassment.

This case sheds light on the complexities and emotional toll that can arise from tangled relationships and the blurred boundaries of social media. As technology continues to play a significant role in our lives, it is imperative for individuals to exercise caution and respect the rights and privacy of others, especially in situations involving multiple parties with varying legal obligations.

Charuwanza’s legal action serves as a reminder that individuals have the right to safeguard their personal information and seek legal recourse when their boundaries are violated. The outcome of this case may set a precedent for similar situations, highlighting the need for clear legal guidelines and awareness surrounding issues of privacy and online harassment in today’s digital age.

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