Fracas as woman invites her herdboy into her bedroom for lula lula 3 days after husband’s death

File pic: Chief's court

A Makoni woman shocked the community when she invited her herd boy into her bedroom three days after her husband’s death.

Patience Karigo also stands accused of hiding her late husband’s best clothes during a traditional family property sharing ritual before gifting them to her lover, Itai Tichawana.

She later eloped with Tichawana.

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The incident sparked outrage and condemnation from locals, who viewed it as a sign of disrespect and immorality.

This led Karigo’s brother-in-law, Efferson Chihwehwete to approach Chief Makoni’s court demanding that Karigo be ordered to bring back his late brother’s clothes as well as help them cleanse their defiled family homestead.

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He accused Karigo of bringing in her herd boy-cum-lover into her bedroom only three days after his brother’s death.

“She introduced Tichawana to the children as their new father as he was now wearing their late father’s clothes.

“My brother, Jeffernose Chihwehwete died last year in August. After his burial, we shared a few of his clothes among ourselves. We left the furniture and other property for his children. After a few days, we heard that Tichawana was now the head of the family, with Karigo sleeping with him in our late brother’s matrimonial bedroom.

“I confronted her over the matter, and she told me that I could not do anything to her as her husband was late. We told her that while she was allowed to take whoever she wanted as a lover, she should have at least waited until we had conducted a memorial service for our late brother.

“Later on, her minor children called and informed me that their mother had seized all the furniture and eloped with Tichawana. I tried to call her, but she ignored my calls. I had to go to her homestead to take care of the children. When I met her sister, she told me that Karigo was already married to Tichawana,” said Chihwehwete.

He also said when Karigo eloped, she took with her three cattle, a donkey, a chain and other household furniture.

He added that when they shared the late Jefferson’s clothes, Karigo concealed some of his best clothes and gave them to Tichawana.

“We only realised that she had concealed some clothes after Tichawana started wearing them a few days after the family had dispersed. I took up the issue with Karigo’s father and brothers who also expressed shock over the development. They advised me to bring the issue before this court,” he said.

The late Jeffernose was survived by 14 children, seven from a previous relationship and seven he fathered with Karigo.

Karigo confirmed eloping with Tichawana.

She said she had no option, but to move in with him as there was bad blood between her and her step-children.

She, however, rubbished claims that she slept with Tichawana three days after her husband’s death.

She claimed she slept with Tichawana six months after her husband’s death.

“Indeed, I erred by inviting him into my bedroom. Yes, I was staying with the children, but my husband had long died.

“I was married in 2005, and we had seven children together with my late husband. That homestead belonged to us and not the family because it was a resettlement farm, not a family farm. My husband’s children from his first marriage were abusing me, a reason why I moved away from the homestead soon after his death. I did not take any cattle with me. They took the cattle and gave them to my husband’s older children. They left me with a cow and donkey which I sold to raise money to look after my minor children. I am the one who brought this matter before this court first, and this is a counter claim,” she said.

Karigo said since she had nothing to feed her children, she ended up falling for Tichawana because he provided everything for her.

She also denied giving Tichawana her late husband’s clothes.

She also said the two cattle that Efferson was claiming did not belong to either his brother or her.

“Those cattle were stray cattle. I went to the police and was advised to keep them until the owners were located,” she said.

Efferson’s namesake and Karigo’s step-child, Efferson Chihwehwete Junior, said Karigo introduced Tichawana as their new father soon after their father’s death.

Tichawana was in default.

However, his father, Patrick Tichawana who was in attendance, said he last saw his son when he was three years ago.

Chief Makoni ordered the Tichawana family to compensate the Chihwehwete family.

“It is taboo for a woman to take in a lover soon after her husband’s death. Two beasts are for the Chihwehwete family and one is for this court. However, this court does not bar this woman from staying at her matrimonial home. She should entertain her lovers elsewhere and not at this homestead,” he said. Manica Post.

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