Fracas as CID officer sends gunmen to rob best friend

Wellington Ndoro (wearing a floral shirt) and Felias Mvula (wearing a striped T-shirt)

Betrayal Strikes: Best friend revealed as mastermind behind robbery

BULAWAYO – In a shocking turn of events, businessman Never Sarukore found himself the victim of a terrifying armed robbery orchestrated by his own best friend, Detective Constable Wellington Ndoro of the Nkulumane Police Station. Sarukore, who resides in the Nkulumane suburb, was robbed at gunpoint by a gang of four assailants sent by Ndoro. The incident, which took place at Sarukore’s home, resulted in the loss of US$5,300 and R14,000.

Ndoro has since been apprehended and is facing multiple charges for his alleged involvement in a series of armed robberies in and around Bulawayo. His arrest occurred during the recent festive season in Victoria Falls, where he had traveled with his gang on a robbery mission, armed with a list of targeted individuals.

The shocking revelation that Ndoro, someone Sarukore trusted implicitly, was the mastermind behind the robbery left Sarukore deeply scarred. He never suspected that his best friend, whom he believed he knew inside and out, would supply information to accomplices and coordinate the attack on his own home.

Recalling the harrowing experience, Sarukore described how the robbers, armed with a pistol, bolt-cutter, and a tire lever, broke into his home while he and his family were sleeping. Startled by the sound of footsteps, Sarukore and his family awoke to find the intruders in their bedroom. Threatened at gunpoint, Sarukore tried to reason with the robbers, explaining that he didn’t possess the demanded sum of US$20,000. Despite his pleas, the robbers, who appeared menacing, took away the cash he had available, along with four cellphones and a laptop.

The robbers continued to menace Sarukore and his family, threatening to harm them if the desired amount was not produced. However, Sarukore stood his ground, refusing to give in to their demands. Astonishingly, one of the robbers informed Sarukore that they had been instructed not to harm him or his family, but only to retrieve the money. After an hour of fruitless coercion, the robbers finally gave up and left.

The following day, Sarukore coincidentally encountered Ndoro near Nkulumane Complex and shared the details of the horrific ordeal. Ndoro expressed shock and seemed hurried, mentioning that he was about to embark on a journey. It was only later, after receiving a call from another friend informing him of Ndoro’s arrest in Victoria Falls for attempted robbery, that Sarukore began to suspect his best friend’s involvement in the robbery at his own home.

His suspicions were confirmed when the suspects, brought in by CID Homicide detectives for further investigation, revealed that Ndoro had provided them with information and personally transported them to Sarukore’s residence, instructing them not to harm his friend or any members of his family. Sarukore was left speechless and hurt by the betrayal, as Ndoro had been more than just a friend to him; their relationship extended beyond mere friendship.

The two had been close for four years, even when Ndoro was stationed in Gwanda, their bond remained strong. They often visited each other and celebrated birthdays together, with Ndoro’s family and Sarukore’s family becoming intertwined. Sarukore had even served as Ndoro’s best man at his wedding, a testament to the trust and appreciation Ndoro had shown him. Their families would frequently go on trips together, creating cherished memories.

Sarukore, who had been a familiar face at the Nkulumane Police Station due to his regular visits to Ndoro and his family, never anticipated such a shocking betrayal. The revelation has left him heartbroken, his faith in friendship shaken to its core.

As the investigation continues and Ndoro faces the consequences of his alleged crimes, Sarukore’s story stands as a stark reminder that the people we trust the most can sometimes be the ones who inflict the deepest wounds.

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