Woman’s menstruɑl cycle foils robbers’ rɑpe attempt during terrifying car ride

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A woman who offered a ride to three armed robbers in Selbourne Park suburb found herself immensely grateful to the timing of her menstrual cycle when the sight of blood deterred the attackers from carrying out their intended rape. Although she managed to escape being ƨǝxuɑlly assaulted, the assailants allegedly robbed her of US$30, leaving her traumatized by the harrowing incident.

The event occurred on Wednesday around 7pm along Gwanda Road, shortly after Ascot Shopping Centre. Inspector Abednico Ncube, the Bulawayo police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and urged the public to refrain from giving lifts to strangers, as it could endanger their lives.

According to a close source, the 32-year-old victim was driving a Honda Fit when she was approached by two men accompanied by a woman at the corner of 8th Avenue and George Silundika Street. Believing them to be harmless, she offered them a lift, as they claimed they wanted to be dropped off in Selbourne Park while she was heading to Manningdale suburb.

Upon passing Ascot Shopping Centre, one of the suspects suddenly complained of an upset stomach, requesting the woman to stop the car.

Once the car came to a halt, things turned nasty as one of the robbers brandished a knife and demanded money. With only US$30 in her possession, the woman handed it over as the robbers threatened her with the knife. Disturbingly, one of the assailants proceeded to inappropriately touch her.

As the situation grew more menacing, one of the robbers ordered her to remove her underwear with the intention of raping her. In a desperate plea, the woman informed them that she was currently menstruating, displaying the evidence of blood. Astonished and seemingly repulsed, the attackers were deterred by the sight and decided to abandon their plans, leaving her unharmed.

The woman promptly reported the incident at Khumalo Police Station.

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