Goods worth thousands of dollars reduced to ashes as fire burns down shopping mall in Harare CBD


Tragic blaze engulfs Harare shopping mall, leaving devastation in its wake

A devastating fire ripped through a popular shopping mall situated at the intersection of Julius Nyerere and Speke Avenue, across from Joina City, last night. The inferno, believed to be caused by an electrical fault, resulted in extensive financial losses as goods worth thousands of dollars were reduced to ashes.

The once-thriving mall, which housed hair salons, pharmacies, clothing stores, and various retail businesses, now lies in ruins. Overwhelmed by emotions, some tenants declined to comment, while others desperately attempted to salvage whatever they could amidst the ferocious blaze.

Heart-wrenching scenes unfolded as people who not only operated shops but also resided in the building watched helplessly as their homes and livelihoods were consumed by the flames. Firefighters valiantly battled the inferno, but the damage was extensive, with most wares on all floors being destroyed.

Through tear-filled eyes, one long-time resident expressed the profound pain caused by the tragedy. “It hurts. I can’t even put it into words,” she lamented. Her husband risked his safety, trying to salvage a few beds, stoves, and blankets, but the losses were already significant.

For nearby vendor Ms Annah Mubaiwa, the fire was a sudden and horrifying event. “It all happened so fast,” she recalled. “First, we heard the sound of breaking windows, then there was this huge flame. I can’t even describe how I felt at that moment.”

According to a witness known as Baba Anesu, the mall had recently been partitioned to accommodate numerous businesses, and the destruction is estimated to have resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of losses.

As the acrid smell of smoke and ash permeated the air, the sounds of sirens wailed through the streets of Harare. The once-vibrant shopping mall now stands as a painful reminder of the devastation experienced by its tenants.

Despite the tragedy, a large crowd gathered to witness the unfolding events. Some sought transportation to return home, while others lingered, grappling with the shock. However, a massive explosion, suspected to be caused by a gas stove, sent people scurrying for cover, adding to the chaos and fear that engulfed the area.

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