Horrific Incident: Man (25) brutally bashes gogo (94) to death accusing her of practising witchcraft

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Tragic incident in Shurugwi: Grandmother fatally assaulted over witchcraft accusations

In a harrowing incident that has left the community of Marozva Village in disbelief, a 94-year-old grandmother was allegedly fatally assaulted by her own grandson over witchcraft accusations. The incident occurred on the evening of February 3, sending shockwaves through the peaceful Midlands Province.

The Midlands Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, provided details of the horrific incident. According to Mahoko, the elderly victim, Esther Marozva, was at her homestead in the company of her son, Chamunorwa Mugariri (50), and daughter-in-law, Soneni Mpofu (36), when her grandson, Takudzwa Mugariri (25), arrived home.

What followed was a series of disturbing events. Takudzwa, allegedly driven by accusations of witchcraft, unleashed his anger upon his defenceless grandmother. He reportedly started by accusing her of practicing witchcraft and proceeded to burn her clothes in a fit of rage. Despite the desperate attempts of Chamunorwa and Soneni to intervene and restrain Takudzwa, their efforts proved futile.

In a desperate bid to seek help, Chamunorwa rushed to his elder sister’s residence in Mujau Village, located under Chief Banga. He hoped to alert her to the horrifying situation unfolding back home. Tragically, during his absence, Takudzwa continued his assault on Esther, even driving Soneni away from the house.

Upon Chamunorwa’s return, he was met with a harrowing scene. His elderly mother lay lifeless in her bedroom, her body leaning against a 50kg sack of maize. Takudzwa was still present, seated on the bed. However, he swiftly fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of devastation.

The police were immediately notified of the heinous crime, and upon their arrival, they discovered the elderly woman’s body exhibiting multiple injuries. The body was transported to Shurugwi District Hospital.

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