Game over for rank marshals and touts: Police issue strong warning

File pic: Touts hanging on a kombi

Police warn rank marshals and touts over bus terminus control in Harare

In response to the chaos and disruption caused by rank marshals and touts who have taken control of bus terminuses in Harare, the police have issued a stern warning and pledged to restore order.

During a Public Transport Stakeholders meeting in the capital, Commissioner Wonder Tembo, the Officer Commanding Harare Province, expressed the police’s disapproval of the prevailing misconduct at bus ranks.

Commissioner Tembo made it clear that the police do not endorse or tolerate such behaviour and highlighted ongoing conflicts between individuals claiming ownership of certain ranks.

Reports have emerged indicating that major bus termini in Harare’s central business district are under the control of rank marshals who extort significant sums of money from transport operators.

These marshals impose fees on operators for every trip passing through the termini, resulting in substantial financial losses for the transport industry.

Commissioner Tembo called on the City of Harare to take immediate action and implement effective operations to combat the disruption and disorder at the bus terminuses. He urged the city authorities to develop comprehensive strategies to address the issue, assuring them of the police’s full support.

He emphasized that the responsibility for managing the termini lies with the city authorities and urged operators to refrain from paying money to supposed rank marshals.

Commissioner Tembo encouraged operators not to be intimidated and to report any attempts at extortion, assuring them that the law would be enforced.

Addressing concerns raised by the Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation (ZPTO), Commissioner Tembo acknowledged the urgent need to revamp the bus termini to meet basic standards. He emphasized that improving the infrastructure would facilitate the work of the police, council, and bus operators.

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