Chaos as man sets neighbour’s kitchen hut on fire for having an affair with his wife

File pic: Hut on fire

Jealousy-Fuelled Arson: Man sets hut ablaze amid accusations of affair

A disturbing incident unfolded when a 34-year-old man, Winter Nyathi, allegedly set fire to another man’s hut while he slept, driven by suspicions of an affair with his own wife. Nyathi appeared before the Inyathi Magistrates Court, facing charges of malicious damage to property, as stated by the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe.

According to reports, on February 7, around 11:30 PM, Nyathi intentionally ignited a kitchen hut belonging to Mbuso Sibanda while he was sound asleep in his bedroom. The fire ravaged the structure, causing property damage estimated at US$1,019. The following morning, Nyathi confided in Sibanda’s neighbour, confessing to the act of revenge against Sibanda, whom he accused of engaging in an illicit relationship with his wife.

The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) shed light on the incident, stating, “The fire destroyed property worth USD1 019. The matter came to light the following morning when the accused person confided in the complainant’s neighbour about the incident. The accused person confessed that he burnt down the complainant’s but as a way of exacting revenge against the complainant whom he accused of having an affair with his wife.”

Nyathi faced legal consequences for his actions, receiving a 36-month prison sentence, with 12 months suspended. He will serve an effective term of 24 months behind bars.

This disturbing case underscores the destructive power of jealousy and serves as a reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts through peaceful means rather than resorting to violence and property damage.

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