Chaos as girl screams for help as teacher detains her in his office while begging for lula lula


A love rat teacher stationed at Mzilikazi High School in Bulawayo is in the eye of a storm for allegedly sexually attacking a female student and detaining another for several hours in his office begging for ƨǝx.

Adolf Matsungo (36) recently appeared in court before Bulawayo regional magistrate Mr Matthew Mutiro facing a rape charge.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was represented by his lawyers Task Vhiki and Mary Nyika.

In his defence through his lawyers, Matsungo said sometime in 2023 from the beginning of the term he was in a love relationship with a 16-year-old student. He also said during the second term in 2023 the student stopped coming to school, only to return in the second week of the third term and the two resumed their love affair. He further said during the same week they had consensual ƨǝx in his office.

Matsungo told the court that their love affair turned sour when the student disclosed that she was impregnated by her boyfriend who stays in Mzilikazi suburb and terminated the pregnancy. After that Matsungo told the court that he threatened to end the affair.

Following that, Matsungo said the student in question confronted him and accused him of having impregnated a former student at the school. He said after that the student threatened to punish him.

The court heard that on a date not known by the prosecutor but sometime in September last year, Matsungo told the complainant to accompany him to his office to fetch a cell phone so that she could capture images for her Continuous Assessment Learning Activities (CALA) programme.

The student fetched the phone and went on to capture images of her CALA in her class. When she returned it to his office Matsungo allegedly grabbed her and carried out the sexual attack.

The matter came to light when another teacher at the school noticed behavioural changes in her and quizzed her leading her to reveal that she was allegedly raped by Matsungo. The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of Matsungo.

In addition, it seems it never rains but pours for Matsungo because another student reported him to the police for detaining her in his office, allegedly begging her to have ƨǝx with him. A source said the student screamed for help prompting other students to come to her rescue.

“They banged on the door. After that Matsungo opened the door and the student bolted out of the office,” said a source.

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