Dramatic scenes unfold at gogo’s homestead as prophet and Sekuru Tasvu take turns to retrieve snakes

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DRAMATIC scenes unfolded at a Chimanimani homestead recently when a prophet and n’anga took turns to retrieve three snakes that were allegedly used to cause mysterious deaths and misfortunes in the family — two of them from a geriatric woman’s jersey.

The snakes were allegedly used to harvest menstrual blood from some female family members to fill-up a calabash that served as a feed trough for goblins allegedly hidden in the elderly woman’s bedroom.

This came to light when Acting Chief Mutambara ordered some feuding members of the Bwititi family to consult prophet Chagwadama and a n’anga of their choice.

The Bwititis were accusing their uncle, Orten, and parents, Tabitha Gombarume and Lameck Bwititi for causing mysterious deaths and misfortunes in the family.

After the prophet retrieved a two metre long snake, the accused family members denied it, alleging that it had been planted to frame and nail them by their children and jealousy family members.

The snake was exterminated.

In light of the counter accusation, the children took matters into their own hands and dragged their mother (Tabitha), father (Lameck) and his brother (Orten) to Acting Chief Mutambara’s court.

They requested for the traditional leader’s blessing to consult Sekuru Tasvu from Harare, who went on to unearth two more reptiles from a jersey that Tabitha was wearing.

According to Shupai Bwititi, who is Orten’s son, the serpents were allegedly responsible for harvesting menstrual blood from female family members.

The snakes allegedly sexually molested female family members while asleep.

“The snakes were causing mysterious deaths within the family. Family members have been dying like flies, while our parents turned a blind eye, despite wild pleas for intervention. We wanted them to lead us in consulting some healers, but they refused. Family members have been dying from common colds, diseases which should not be mortal threats at all,” he said.

Shupai went on to narrate how they consulted healers without their parents’ consent, and were advised that the three harboured snakes they used to bewitch family members.

“We were told that they have a calabash that should always be full with blood. The snakes are used to harvest our sisters’ menstrual blood to fill the calabash. When they kill family members, the blood is also put in the calabash to feed some goblins. As a result, our sisters are not married and male family members are vagrants because of their sorcery. We approached them, but they refused to assist us, hence our decision to approached this court,” he said.

He said they had no option, but to take the painful decision to yank their parents to the community court and traditional healers.

When prophet Chagwadama captured and retrieved the first snake, the couple argued that it was planted to frame them.

As a result, they consulted Sekuru Tasvu in Harare.

“It was when two more snakes were retrieved that they opened up, confessed and asked for forgiveness. All along they have been playing mind games with us. The two snakes were recovered from the jersey Tabitha was wearing. She was actually hiding them in her jersey. In the video clip you can actually see her carrying them in a bag as she confessed,” he said.

A calabash that was half full of blood was recovered.

However, though they confessed, the trio insisted that they were not sorcerers.

They also denied knowledge of the snakes.

Otern, who was identified as the owner of the calabash, professed ignorance on how it ended up with him.

“I apologise for being part of the racket responsible for killing our children and our family members, but honestly I do not know how I ended up with this calabash and snakes. I apologise to my children. Please forgive me, I do not know why I acted in such a way,” he said.

The snakes and other strange paraphernalia were destroyed by the spiritual healers in the presence of the family.

Acting Chief Mutambara fined the three culprits three cows and three calves.

“We have such people in Mutambara who are notorious for dabbling in sorcery. It is sad that some of them target their own children. When they own up for their sins, we penalise heavily so that it serves as a deterrent to others,” he said. Manica Post.

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