Man makes a shocking discovery after arriving home from business centre, bashes friend to death


Tragic death in Bindura: Man fatally beaten by friend in money dispute

In a horrifying incident that unfolded in Bindura, a dispute over money took a deadly turn as Livinson Nyaunga, a resident of the area, lost his life after being brutally assaulted by his own friend, Admire Sauti. The unfortunate incident occurred amidst a heated argument between the two individuals, leaving Nyaunga with fatal injuries that ultimately claimed his life while receiving medical care at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

According to police, the incident transpired on March 12, 2024, when Sauti and Nyaunga spent the day together at Bindura’s bustling Besa Business Centre. As the evening approached, they made their way back to their respective homes, unaware of the tragic events that would soon unfold.

Upon reaching his homestead, Sauti made a shocking discovery — a depleted wallet. Fueled by anger and suspicion, he accused Nyaunga of pilfering his money, leading him to confront his friend at his own residence. It was during this confrontation that the situation escalated rapidly, with Sauti allegedly resorting to a piece of a railway line as a weapon, mercilessly assaulting Nyaunga multiple times all over his body.

The assault left Nyaunga with severe head injuries, rendering him unconscious and in critical condition. Shockingly, Sauti left him lying unconscious and returned to his own home, leaving behind a scene of devastation and despair.

It wasn’t until the following day, March 13, around 3 pm, that a neighbour discovered Nyaunga lying motionless in their yard. Realizing the gravity of the situation, immediate action was taken, and Nyaunga was swiftly transported to Parirenyatwa Hospital, where medical professionals fought valiantly to save his life. However, despite their best efforts, Nyaunga tragically succumbed to his injuries, leaving his friends, family, and the community in grief and disbelief.

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