10-year prison sentence for thief who was caught stealing NRZ signal poles


A 40-year-old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for contravening the Railways Act by stealing the National Railways of Zimbabwe signal poles that link Headlands and Bradley.

In a statement on X the, National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe said: “On 4 August 2023, Farai Moyo (40) together with Never Kasasa, a man only known as Baba Rudo and Forward Isaac Marambanyika who are still at large, planned to steal National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) signal poles along the railway line that links Headlands to Bradley. The accused persons left the poles hidden in a bush along the railway line.”

A patrol officer noticed that the poles had been cut and spotted the treasure hidden in a nearby bush and he informed his superior who reported the matter to the Police.

The NPAZ said: “The informant and another NRZ employee were joined by police officers and set up an ambush at the crime scene. On 6 August 2023 at around 4AM, the accused persons arrived at the scene driving a five-tonne truck.”

Kasasa who was driving, parked the vehicle and switched the lights off and the other suspects loaded the signal poles into the truck.

“They ran away after the informant fired shots into the air and also hit the tyres of the vehicle”, said the NPAZ

“The police recovered the vehicle and searched it. They found a wallet containing Kasasa’s particulars and a satchel which contained two hacksaws, hacksaw blades together with some clothes and shoes. Farai Moyo was arrested the following day.”

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