Total chaos as school pegs one US dollar at 23 ZiG


A PRIVATE school in Harare has pegged the rate of one US dollar at 23 ZiG, which has irked some parents who want to pay using the local currency.

The official rate is one US dollar to 13,56 ZiG.

Westminster International School was exchanging one US dollar at 23 ZiG last week and made it clear it could change.

Parents, who are paying their fees for the second term, have been given two options — to pay either in US dollars or the local currency.

However, the local currency bill, when converted, shows that the school is using a rate which is not the official one.

Those who are paying in USD will have to fork out US$1 818.

When one opts to pay in local currency, the bill then becomes 41 814 ZiG.

This should have been 24 652 ZiG if the school was using the official rate.

One parent told H-Metro.

“We are being robbed.

“The school is not being considerate, their charges are already high and they are now adding salt to the wound by using black market rates.

“We are appealing to relevant authorities for protection for us not to be fleeced.”

H-Metro visited the school and security guards denied the newspaper entry into the premises.

Some parents, who were making payments, were being allowed to enter.

“We are closed, maybe you can be attended to on Monday,” said the guard manning the gate.

A number of parents, from various schools, have been complaining over use of black market rates. HMetro.

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