Man arrested for illegal possession of ivory in police sting operation


In a significant breakthrough against the illicit trade in ivory, the Karoi Police swiftly responded to a tip-off and successfully apprehended Emmanuel Bikausaru, a 31-year-old resident of Bikausaru Village, on charges of possessing raw ivory without a permit.

Undercover police officers, posing as potential buyers, skillfully tracked down the suspect to his homestead, where he willingly handed over two ivory tusks, ultimately leading to his arrest.

The arrest of Bikausaru sheds light on the ongoing battle against wildlife trafficking, a practice that threatens the delicate balance of ecosystems and endangers vulnerable species. The demand for ivory, driven by illicit markets, fuels the poaching of elephants, pushing these majestic creatures towards the brink of extinction. Law enforcement agencies, such as the Karoi Police, play a crucial role in dismantling these criminal networks and safeguarding our natural heritage.

The arrest of Emmanuel Bikausaru serves as a stern warning to those who engage in illegal activities involving protected wildlife. The Karoi Police remain resolute in their commitment to upholding the law and protecting Zimbabwe’s natural resources. Efforts to gather further evidence and identify potential accomplices are currently underway, as authorities work tirelessly to dismantle the networks that fuel this nefarious trade.

Emmanuel Bikausaru is set to face charges related to the possession of raw ivory without a permit, a crime that carries significant penalties under Zimbabwean law. The successful sting operation serves as a testament to the dedication and unwavering resolve of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding our wildlife heritage and preserving the natural wonders that define our nation.

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